Bill Gates on the Future of EdTech

Recently, Bill Gates had a Q&A session Education Week (@EducationWeek). The interview was about his latest investment in educational tools review site, Graphite.

Below is an excerpt that I found interesting:

Per @melanieawelsh, one of dozens of @EducationWeek followers who submitted questions for you via Twitter, how do you see the role of online learning in K-12 education evolving over the next decade? 

When you see a very effective teacher at work in the classroom, something magical happens that can’t be replaced by a strictly online experience.

Today, online learning is great for especially motivated students who are driven to learn things outside of school. It lets them supplement what they’re learning in class and seek out new things that maybe the teacher doesn’t have time to get into. That’s exciting, and I’m a big supporter of it. I take a lot of online courses myself. But we need tools and programs that work for every student, not just the super-motivated.

Software can figure out what a student knows about a subject and, with infinite patience, tailor exercises that focus on where they need to improve, even giving personalized hints and encouragement. As hardware like tablets and intelligent whiteboards gets cheaper and more widely available, that can help, too.


You can read the rest of the interview here.

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