Edcuational Technology News resources

Today I wanted to share with you some resources on Educational Technology news. Although this industry has seen rapid growth over the last five years, there still aren’t many publications that focus on EdTech. Here are a few of the ones that I follow to make sure I’m up to date.

EdSurge - Backed by the Bill and Medlina Gates Foundation and The Washington Post, EdSurge sends out a daily newsletter containing the latest news in a variety of topics. They cover news, new products, upcoming EdTech conferences, recent start-up investments, and even jobs. This is the most comprehensive EdTech news source that I’ve found so far. No Excuse List was actually featured on the newsletter last year, so I’m very grateful.

OLDaily - Another daily / weekly newsletter from Stephen Downes, a researcher for the National Research Council of Canada specializing in online learning and new media. His newsletters consists of links to interesting articles that he finds throughout the day.

Ed Tech Magazine - Online magazine that splits its content between K-12 and Higher Education. It’s updated almost daily with new articles from its staff of freelance writers.

Most of the edX, OpenCourseWare type sites also have news updates from their blog. However, I find it most efficient to just follow them on twitter. Here’s a few people that I follow on twitter dedicated to Ed Tech:

@MITOCW - MIT OpenCourseWare
@edXOnline - edX
@techreview - MIT Tech Review
@EdSurge - EdSurge
@marcparry - Marc Parry, reporter for Chronicle of Higher Ed.
@nsvf - NewSchools Venture Fund is an investment firm that focuses on EdTech

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