is a site you need to check out!

I’m almost embarrassed at how long it took for me to add Saylor to NoExcuseList because it epitomizes the kind of site we want to share.

A few months ago, I spoke with Sean Conner(@SeanGConnor), Saylor’s Community Engagement Manager, and this was his quick description of Saylor:

Briefly, we hire professors, Ph.D. candidates, and professionals to build college-level courses that mirror a four-year undergraduate curriculum. We aggregate content from many available sources, and supply original content to fill in the gaps. Over three years we’ve put around 250  courses online. Important to your readers, probably: our courses are totally free, self-scheduled, and come with employer-verifiable certificates.


I found that the Saylor Foundation does a great job mirroring the university curriculum.  By selecting one of the many majors (Math, Biology, Art  History, Business Administration, Economics, etc), you will be given an outline of the classes to take to complete the major. Most majors begin with 3-5 prerequisite classes before moving toward the more advanced material.  Every course has units pulled from different resources on the web. One unit may tell you to read lecture notes from a Stanford class while the next unit links you to one of the videos found on KhanAcademy. Every course also has final exam to test your comprehension of the material.  The best part of Saylor is that they hire certified professors to build these courses to ensure you get the education you’re looking for.

With the 289 classes Saylor is currently offering, you’ll definitely find something interesting to learn.

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